Romantic Couple

Silvia & Samuel

Let us, though late, at last, my Silvia, wed;
And loving lie in one devoted bed.
Thy watch may stand, my minutes fly post haste;
No sound calls back the year that once is past.
Then, sweetest Silvia, let's no longer stay;
True love, we know, precipitates delay.
Away with doubts, all scruples hence remove!
No man, at one time, can be wise, and love.
pre wedding romantic
 romantic prewedding di rumah batu    
Romantic prewedding di rumah batu  
romantic prewedding di rumah batu solo  
Foto prewedding romantis  
prewedding di kolam renang  
Foto prewedding di solo  

prewedding piano di solo

Prewedding Photoshoot pasangan Silvia & Samuel ini mengambil Lokasi di Rumah Batu Solo. Kami tim Fotografer prewedding dari benning photostory menggunakan spot-spot yang cukup unik yang ada di Rumah Batu ini. 

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