Sheila comes from wonogiri and andri from west java they can meet because they have a hobby that is traveling, from traveling it makes them always meet and traveling together to grow the seeds of love, since the growth of the seeds of love make them often do traveling together until now. there is a unique thing to sheila she really like motor vespa even he joined in vespa motorcycle lovers community, sheila regard motor vespa is his first husband for him motor vespa everything for her sheila, from his love of vespa does not reduce his love to andri, that's what makes andri the more love and confidence to sheila to the marriage gap 

Benning Photostory, studio foto profesional, Fotografer by DanielBenning & Yudha A.

Pernikahan di wonogiri, foto pernikahan jawa, pernikahan anak vespa, pernikahan anak VW 

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