The dynamics of our relationship seem to have changed after the break. We became more mature and more understanding towards each other. There’s this saying, “You only realize the importance of someone after they’re gone” and that hit me hard. That moment, I promised that I will never let her go, whatever it takes. Saraswati is my person, my better half. She is the one who gave me endless love and support even when I didn’t deserve it. She stayed with me through ups and downs, she helped me to push through my limits, and she is the one who loves me, just as I am.

~ Firdaus ~

Pemotretan Pre-wedding Firdaus & Saraswati oleh tim Benning Photostory, mengambil spot pelataran Keraton Surakarta (Solo-Jawa Tengah), dan Rumah salah satu Bangsawan Keraton Surakarta. [Kembali ke hal. Prewedding]

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